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Hours for extracurriculars

So for many of my activites, I really don't know exactly how many hours per week and weeks per year I have spent doing the activity. Much of the time my commitment to an activity is variable. So how should I report my time commitment for activites on the common app? Do they need to be precise or can it be off by a number of hours? For instance, if there was a club that a started doing the end of sophomore year and spent 9 weeks doing it (4 hours per week), then 30 weeks my junior year (for 2-4 hours per week), and the start of senior year, how would I report my time commitment? Also, do colleges ever need proof of time commitment for activites? Thanks.


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The hours and weeks are meant to be an estimate. In your case, you could put an average across the time you expect to be doing the EC. For instance, add the 9 weeks + 30 weeks + number of weeks senior year, and divide by 3. For the hours, you could also take an average. Don't think too hard about it - as long as it's pretty representative of your commitment, you should be fine. Colleges won't be scrutinizing the time commitment or anything.

Colleges don't need proof of time commitment, but you should ways be as truthful as possible.

Hope this helps, and let me know if you have more questions!


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