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How to build a profile for college application?

While writing a college application how to build a profile; how to introduce yourself and build a connection between you and the person who watches your application.

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2 years ago

So the best way as Raquel said is through any writing prompts and to connect you want to talk about yourself. A lot of schools that value essays are ones that have regional admittance counselors essentially the AO for a specific region. Googling regional admissions counselor insert school will get you to the page 95% of the time. Quite frequently there will be a bio and you can incorporate the info into your essay but don’t do it for the general essay do it for supplemental that is school specific. But also don’t for lack of a better term brownies or suck up.

So ways to subtlety connect is to email them and just ask about favorite places on campus or about thier major. If and only if you toured the campus unofficially or officially you can talk about the place in why this school or in the why this major talk about why you like the major a lot.

But to be honest the best way is to talk with them directly and just enquire about the college. That makes the AO remember you in a good light and good memorable students will get in over unmemorable ones.

Hope this helps and comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help!

2 years ago

Hi! In my opinion, the best way to connect with the admission team is by your personal estay, this would help them understand you as a person and not only as a student.


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