9 months ago
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great GPA but no SAT score as International Student

How will this affect my chances of getting into this university, provided I have a stellar profile aswell.

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9 months ago

In the current climate of test-optional/no-affirmative action, the more positive your stats are across your application the better chances you have regardless of whether you are a domestic or int'l applicant.

I'm going to revert to my famous cake recipe analogy. If all college applicants are required to present a baked cake then those who have used every possible key ingredient to make a compelling and delicious cake will gain the attention and advocacy of the college admissions readers tasked with reading your Common Application. But if you skip using Butter or Flour or substitute using those ingredients, your recipe better be great if it's going to stand the scrutiny of discerning taste testers who are comparing your recipe to other submissions. So it's entirely possible to get into a top college without test scores.

Nevertheless, past statistical data shows that given the choice of submitting or not, those that actually did submit a high SAT or ACT test score fared better than those who didn't submit.

Keep in mind, that moving forward more and more Int'l students are applying to top American colleges and there are no longer any COVID-19 restrictions. At the same time, top US colleges have a fixed amount of seats available despite the growing demand from US and Int'l students. This means admit rates will continue to fall making it more competitive to get accepted than at any other time in history.

I would encourage and suggest that all students consider taking either the SAT and ACT and submitting a high score as part of their college application.

9 months ago

Most schools don't require SATs since COVID, so not submitting shouldn't hurt your chances.

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