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Any ideas for a Red-Cross Club?

I plan to start a Red Cross Club at my school this year. Any ideas of activities/service I can start?


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I would suggest that you focus mainly on these four things:

1. Initiating fundraisers

2. Teaching life-saving and first responder skills

3. Encouraging members to volunteer for hospitals. Because of COVID, this might mainly be raising funds.

4. Service projects unrelated to hospitals/health. This may seem like a stretch, but redcross.org states that it wants club members to serve their community.

a year ago

A couple at my school were blood drives, fundraisers, and supporting the organization. But now, with COVID, these things are harder to do virtually. I attended another virtual Red Cross event where they covered emotional first-aid, evacuation, disaster preparation, emergency preparation and they turned out to be very engaging! Hope this helped :)


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