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How will not filling out the demographics section affect my chances?

Will I have a higher chance of admission if I don't fill out the demographics section, or if I do (applying to elite universities)? Being male, and part of a majority race in top colleges. (Note: The original question also included a question concerning financial aid)

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So in regards to demographics I believe you are talking about the application and not the chancing engine. Demographics at most selective school an impact with Asians being hit the hardest and Black and Latin@s getting a sizable boost. As for being male use the find school tool on CV to see overall admit rate and male admit rate.

As for financial it honestly depends on how much need you require. A full ride at need aware colleges it can be be the deciding factor but if your in top25% it will matter a lot less. If you need anywhere from 5-10k impact are need aware exists but is not highly noticeable. Needing need by itself will not equal a rejection.

All of this info is my assumptions based on reading articles and being in this forum a lot. I’m not an expert.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help.

2 years ago

Applying for need at need-aware colleges generally decreases your chances, otherwise, I don't know.


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