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What parental info should I include in the CommonApp?

Hi, I need some guidance for the CommonApp.

-My father attended 2 universities in Ireland but only received a certificate for one and left the other one year early for a world tour in dance. He moved to the US and received an Associates Degree from one college and is currently finishing his degree to get a Bachelor's in another college.

What schools should I include for his education because he did not officially receive a degree overseas? Should I just include the school he attended in the US /school he is attending in the US on that section?

-My mother also completed 2 years at one school in the US and then immediately transferred to another after her sophomore year and finished her degree.

So, what should I put down for her education?

-I just want this to be clear on my application and if it is easier to leave out information that is not really relevant/needed as much (moreso on my father's education) than I will do that.

Thanks in advance!


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The Common App allows you to input the total number of institutions attended. Since your mom transferred, you can input both schools your mother attended and just indicate that she finished her degree at the second school. For your father, you should name both the school where he got his Associate's and the school he's currently attending, but you can leave the other one out (the one he left early). Hope this helps!


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