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I am a current high school junior and would like to share my stats and ec’s and get feedback on what schools i have a shot at and what i can do to improve!

Intended major:

- psych and neuroscience double major + premed


- 3.8 UW

- 3 AP (my school only offers them to upperclassmen so i don’t have many)

- A ton of honors classes

- Haven’t taken the SAT or ACT, but got a 1300 on my PSAT without formal studying


- XC and Track

- student ambassador

- 100+ hours of community service (in hospitals mainly)

- Built up my own online activism platform on TikTok (130k+ followers)

- Internship at a brain-health/neuro company

- possibly research at BU in the summer (not confirmed yet but hopeful)



Hoping to apply to:

- NYU (reach)

- UW seattle (target)

- holy cross (target)

- umass amherst (safety)

- emmanuel (safety)

- suffolk u (safety)

- BU (reach)

- uconn (target)

- Harvard (reach)

- Dartmouth (reach)

- Brown (reach)

- princeton (reach)

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6 months ago[edited]

- Take as many science related courses (even of they aren't AP courses) as possible. Self study APs if possible in order to increase your course rigor. However if you are able to have at least 7-8 APs on your transcript by the time you graduate, then that would showcase a good amount of course rigor considering the amount of honors that you have, and school restrictions.

- In order to be more competitive, try raising your GPA up to a 3.85-3.9 if possible because competitive schools usually have most applicants with in the 3.9-4.0 range.

- Your SAT score is pretty weak for T20 schools, but may be good enough for your safeties. Aim for 1480-1540 range at least. Otherwise try taking an ACT and see if you do better (32-36 range). If that doesn't work out, then applying test optional for the colleges that you isn't too bad of an idea.

- Your ECs look pretty good! They would be better if you could have officer positions in NHS & SNHS; Varsity Track with a good amount of honors/awards in competition. The strongest points of your application would be Track, Internship, social media platform and research program. Even if you aren't able to get into a research program, then I would encourage you to contact professors at other universities or conduct your own research study. Your overall theme and community involvement with ECs shows great dedication and passion if you continue doing whatever you're doing rn.

Overall with a little improvement on your SAT/ACT and course rigor, you have a pretty good chance at your targets. However, it might be a little difficult for your Reaches, but I would encourage you to still apply because your ECs and building a compelling narrative in your essay might help you. You never know. I hope this helped! Good Luck!!

Also if you don't mind me asking, what is the name of the company that interned at?

6 months ago[edited]

Hey, I kinda didn't answer this question directly, but here's some advice on maximising your chances from a senior as I feel like that could be helpful. As a junior I'd defiantly try your best to get some studying in for either the SAT or the ACT (try a practice test for both and see which you prefer/do better in). It's worth remembering the college process is really random so nobody can give you a concrete prediction on whether you are 100% going to get in somewhere or not especially considering essays play a large part in admissions decisions too! However, college vine does have a chancing simulator and if you add your information to your profile then they can give you a percentage calculation for your chances at each school.

It may be worth mentioning the fact that only upperclassmen are allowed to take Ap's in the additional information section. Although your school will submit a school profile so colleges should be aware of that. Not being allowed to take AP's as an underclassman will make your honors classes look better as you are challenging yourself to the highest level and colleges like to see academic rigour.

I'd focus on the SAT/ACT as your class wasn't in high school during COVID at all, and a lot of schools haven't confirmed whether they will continue offering test optional for your class. Plus a good SAT/ACT score can't hurt.

Another thing is it may be worth looking at the common app questions (they rarely change but supplementals do) and thinking about how you may go about answering them. You can jot down any ideas in your notes app or a google doc throughout the year. I did this and I found it helped me get started on my common app essay quickly this year. Don't spend a ton of time on the common app essay as a junior but, it's just a good thing to keep in the back of your mind if your ever feeling creative.

Opening up a common app account early in junior year can also be super helpful and filling in all the personal information (not the common app essay, test scores or activities section) will help you out senior year. This personal information will roll over to next year when the common app refreshes and save you time over the summer. Honestly the more time you have to work on essays the better as those play a large roll in whether you will get into a school or not.

6 months ago

Alright I really can't tell you what schools you have a shot at however I would recommend putting down clubs and to start volunteering. Those look wonderful on resumes.

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