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When entering number of AP/Honors classes in chancing profile, do I count number of classes per semester or per year?

On my transcript, each AP/honors class is listed by semester, e.g., AP English 1 (fall) and AP English 2 (spring). I have taken two semesters each of Honors Advanced Algebra, Honors Geometry, AP English Comp, and AP US History (i.e., total of four AP/Honors courses or eight semesters), plus I will take two more semesters each of two AP courses in my senior year (i.e., total of two AP courses or four semesters). Do I count this as 12 AP/Honors classes (six classes x two semesters each), or as six AP/Honors classes in your chancing algorithm?

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Definitely by the individual course. For example if I have a block schedule and take AP Calc AB and APUSH and you take it on a yearlong schedule, we both only took 2 courses even if one person took each course over two semesters and the other had one semester courses.


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