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When entering number of AP/Honors classes in chancing profile, do I count number of classes per semester or per year?


On my transcript, each AP/honors class is listed by semester, e.g., AP English 1 (fall) and AP English 2 (spring). I have taken two semesters each of Honors Advanced Algebra, Honors Geometry, AP English Comp, and AP US History (i.e., total of four AP/Honors courses or eight semesters), plus I will take two more semesters each of two AP courses in my senior year (i.e., total of two AP courses or four semesters). Do I count this as 12 AP/Honors classes (six classes x two semesters each), or as six AP/Honors classes in your chancing algorithm?


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Definitely by the individual course. For example if I have a block schedule and take AP Calc AB and APUSH and you take it on a yearlong schedule, we both only took 2 courses even if one person took each course over two semesters and the other had one semester courses.

Agreed put it by course. AP USH is 1 year while AP Macroeconomics is 1 semester it’s still 2 classes
But it doesn't seem right that I get the same amount of credit in your algorithm for a 1-year AP course as I do for a 1-semester AP course. So if I take two 1-semester AP classes I'll get credit for two AP classes, but if I take a 1-year AP class, I only get credit for one AP class? It makes a difference for the more competitive schools (e.g., UC system). When I enter only six AP/Honors classes (which I thought was pretty good), the result is "room for improvement" in my coursework ranking.
I don’t know what to say to your doubts but if the UC application is like CommonApp it will show course name (will include IB and AP titles) and how long it was. So don’t worry about schools misreading it. Hope this clarifies it up for you
Also in CV it says to enter # of classes but if you need assurance email
As Max said, schools will contextualize how many APs you take with how many it's possible to take at your school. Some people go to schools where there courses are all 1 year but if they take APUSH it's still the same course as someone who takes it at a semester based school so it counts for the same amount. I suppose if you can confirm you're taking the most APs possible at your school, you adjust it so the algorithm says you're taking a good amount which will be more realistic.
As CP said for ivies adjust it to 9 AP/IB at elite flagship public schools such as UCLA MICH UVA put at 8 at selective schools About 50% admit rate put 7 all other schools put 3-5. These are rule of thumb
The advice here is correct - please input your courses based on unique course titles. If you have 2 semesters of AP English, that's just 1 course. But if you have 1 semester of AP Macro and 1 semester of AP Micro, that's 2 AP courses. The chancing algorithm was built on full-year courses, as 1-semester AP courses aren't as common. But that being said, if 1-semester courses prepare you completely for the exam, then it will be counted as a full course.