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What can I do to make my college resume look better?

Hi, I’m currently in 11th grade and in the beginning of high school I had brain surgery, recover was long and difficult. It took 2 years for me to fully recover. I slipped with my grades and went through a deep depression.I’m trying to ease myself back on track with the little time I have left in high school. Please tell me what I can do to make my college resume better! Such as classes I should take, clubs, volunteering…I would appreciate it!

Grade: 11th

GPA: 3.0. (Going for 3.80 by the end of year)

Honors classes: 2

AP Classes: 0

SAT: Not taken yet

ACT:Not taken yet

i know most of the things I have to do, like taking SAT and ACT, but it doesn’t hurt to get some extra feedback on this stuff

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@ThatCat6 months ago

Do clubs, volunteer, if your highschool offers college level courses and you can take those do that!

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6 months ago

Actually building a college resume helps college admission officers to navigate through your profile with ease and helps know who you are as an individual. For classes you can start with that APs that tailors your major, I mean the major that you are interested in studying at college. Ater taking them, then you start with the other APs.Because these classes helps admission officers to know that you really can handle course loads in term of academics.For clubs you can start with what interest you so much ,what you are really passionate about ,for instance if you want to major in biology at college ,you can start joining biology clubs .Listing volunteer work on a resume can

be great addition .it also help showcase your soft skills,your interest. You can start volunteering for a nonprofit organization ,civic organizations ,volunteering for social clubs or educational institutions etc

6 months ago[edited]

As @ThatCat said, try to focus on your extracurriculars and taking higher-level classes. However, you can explain that you had brain surgery and that recovering was difficult in the 'additional information' section of your college application. Since the surgery was out of your control and you had to focus more on recovering than your grades, college admissions officers will definitely understand.

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