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Connecting with Recruiters?

So I was wondering if connecting to your local recruiters for all the colleges you are applying to would be good and help my chances.

If so are there good questions that might be helpful to start off convo. How do you make them remember you?

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So recruiters are often regional admittance counselors for the school. Schools such as Ohio State might have an AO/recruiter for Chicago metro area. Google regional admissions insert school to find your person.

It will only help your chances if the school tracks demonstrated interest essentially is did you interact with the school officially whether on a campus tour on Instagram via email via webinar etc. A great way to track this is to google insert school common data set then select the pdf and search down to what they consider in admissions. It will have something like shows interest if it is anything other than not considered it is a good idea to reach out.

If you can’t find your regional representative just email the admissions department as a whole usually admissions@schoolabbrieveation.edu (excuse my spelling)

As to be remembered be light and talk on a personal level as if you were just introduced to a future friend. You can ask about places on campus a question about a major etc. Brownnosing is not a good idea also don’t ask them will I be accepted (fairly obvious but had to say it) ask about the school and process not about your self. Also don’t email them once a day with a question if they respond you can respond but don’t rapid fire questions(fairly obvious).

Email might look like

Name or if no name known sub in Insert school Admission office,

Hello I’m name and I’m grade level in city or highschool (either works) and I just wanted to reach out and ask insert question. I really appreciate your help.



Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help.

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