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What if I decide to switch my major

I have been brainstorming common app prompts and started writing a snippet about what inspired me to love animals and want to possibly pursue a career as a vet. How good my topic is isn’t really what I’m concerned about.

I am concerned that if I write about wanting to be a vet and get into whatever school that it would be weird if I decided to switch a major. I have a passion for animals but If I decided I wanted to pursue a career as a medical examiner would that be weird and unprofessional to colleges? Thank you


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So first of all Why is the main essay a why this major one? It should be personal insight and show who you are as a person. (Can talk about a sutation with animals but shouldn’t be about desire to be a vet.

In regards to the actual question it doesn’t seem wierd if I remember correctly the stats show about 70% of people switch majors before enrolling in college. If you do that is totally okay to switch majors just make sure the school permits it as quite a few have special procedures to switch majors. Cal St Poly has restrictions among others


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