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as an international student what can i write as an extracurricular activity in my application?

So I'm am international student in Africa and extracurricular activities could be different from those in America so are there extracurricular activities that could be equivalent to the activities in America and maybe a few examples.

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a year ago

As this is a very broad question, I think you should provide some more info to help us out. But I'll answer it to the best of my ability. The better question is: what do you do when you aren't occupied with school? If you play sports, are in a band, or are an active member of a club, that counts as an extracurricular. The same goes for volunteering/working. Anything you do outside of a school that's more than a hobby (i.e. you've achieved recognition for it, competed in something, hold a leadership position, etc.) is fine. What's important is to show colleges that you care about a specific activity and that you're dedicated to it. If COVID-19 has ruined opportunities to participate in such activities, starting a blog or an online project is always a viable option - provided your WiFi is efficient.


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