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Should I take honors physics or Ap Psychology?

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I am a rising senior this year and is contemplating whether to take honors physics, which is what I am enrolled in right now or transfer to Ap Psych. To provide a bit of context, I am also taking Ap Lit and Ap Gov. Furthermore, I have no intended major right now so I do not know if taking Ap Psych would be worth it. I am also wondering if the workload from those other two classes plus Ap Psych would be too much.


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I'd say go ahead and take AP Psych! I took both honors physics and AP Psych sophomore year and loved them both, so you'll be good with either. But if you're more interested in Psychology, definitely go that direction--don't worry about the workload as it's not too bad. Personally, I only spent about 15 minutes a night on Psych. Physics was actually a lot more work(30-60 min a night), but my teacher also had a lot to do with that. Go whichever way you think will be more fun!

Do note that a lot of colleges like to see you take the 3 core sciences...
Yeah if you want to do anything stem related I'd make sure you take physics
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Definitely make sure you'll still be fulfilling graduating requirements without physics. If you don't need it, I say take psych!!!