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08/05/2020 at 02:06PM[edited]

Instagram profile as an extracurricular (for yoga)?

Hi! A few days ago I asked of ways to turn my yoga practices from being a recreational hobby to being an extracurricular valid for colleges. Many recommended that I work to have a social media presence–namely blogs and podcasts.

I was wondering: if I build an Instagram profile with pictures and text, could this be as valuable as a blogpost? I feel like it could have a wider outreach. However, I don't think I'll surpass the 100 followers threshold. Do you think it will still be valuable if I have few followers?

So, pros and cons of blogpost vs. Instagram profile? Recommendations to which to do?

Thank you so so much!

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08/05/2020 at 02:16PM

Well in order to for a yoga based instagram profile to really be a substantial EC that can help your application, you will really need tk have a much more followers than 100. If you have few followers, it means that you haven't made much of an impact with this and the instagram profile is no different than the standard high schooler instagram account. But who knows. Give it a try and maybe you'll find a much larger following. The same thing goes for the blog by the way. If not many people read it, then you're still nkt making a meaningful impact. But I feel thst a blog would require more effort and time, making it a more meaningful EC.