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Governor's school impact on application

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This summer I attended the Governor's school of engineering and technology at Rutgers in NJ. Normally I know that governor's school would be impressive on college applications as it is hard to get into and you get to get to conduct research. However, I want to go into premed and major in something like biology. I don't really have an interest in engineering and technology, so would my experience at Governor's school still be as impactful in my application? How much would Gov school for engineering and technology help my application if I'm applying to top schools for pre-med?


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Hi! I would say definitely include it! (That is, if you have enough room on your application-- if noting that would take the place of an equally impressive activity that's related to your field, then the second activity should get that place. But if you have the room, keep it!) Getting into Governor's school is very impressive, and research skills are definitely required in the field of medicine. Engineering and technology is part of STEM as well as medicine, so they're not so unrelated.

Yeah agreed... there's even majors that combine the 2 like bioengineering