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how to transfer for a french system to a U.S system?

So i'm in high school and its a whole french school so I don't really know the U.S school system or the meaning of AP... etc. So what do i have to do if i want to apply to universities in the U.S?

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Hi I am also a former french immersion student who transferred to highschool in the US:

My experience was that AP are harder courses that students choose to take to get college credit and boost gpa. However if you can, I would look into the International Baccalaureate diploma program as it is a much easier transition from french systems than AP is. The Bac is not really as emphasised in the US. The closest thing to the Bac would be SAT/ACT however, those tests are not nearly as crucial for college admissions and do not in any way effect your graduation rate the way the Bac does. Due to covid however, SAT is optional. AP and IB exam scores do not effect your rate of admission however, colleges do take into account the scores to determine whether or not you are eligible for college credit. I would shoot for a 3 or higher on the AP exams and a 5 or higher on the IB exams for credit. Lastly, course rigor is very important in the consideration of college admissions and AP and IB are recognised as the harder courses to take in highschool so do challenge yourself by taking these courses.

If you are applying to University now, you will be considered an international applicant so all you need to do is submit info any necessary conversions are done for you by the university here and they will evaluate you based on the grading system that you are currently in. You will, however need to prove that you have a proficiency in English in a few ways.

1) score well on TOEFL exam

2) score well on the AP English Lit and AP English Lang exams

3) Score well on IB HL English 1&2 exams

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Essentially you have to do three things:

a) score high in your Bac, particularly in the courses related to your major;

b) take the SAT/ACT and if you can also a couple of relevant SAT Subject Tests; and

c) get some relevant internships in your home country to put in your CV and build also your other ECs.

The French Bac is highly appreciated if you score well and you will get some credits similar to those from AP courses. Good luck !

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