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08/05/2020 at 06:51PM

Does applying closer to the deadline affect your chances of admission?

I am in senior year, and plan on taking the SAT in September and October. I am aware that applications for 2021 are open now. WIll applying closer to the deadline decrease my chances of admission?

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08/05/2020 at 07:17PM

So if you apply via an early plan REA EA ED it will not.

If you apply RD most likely it will decrease chances as they have a first come first serve sort of policy. And they will accept your application but there are less spots to fill. This is true for both rolling and non rolling admissions.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help.

Also I’m 90% confident this is correct.

@cp83908/05/2020 at 09:25PM

I'm not sure it's true for non-rolling admissions as they don't make decisions until after all applications are submitted.

@DebaterMAX08/05/2020 at 11:42PM

I was under the impression they decide early ish on and then send admission out in a batch if not my bad

@cp83908/06/2020 at 12:12AM

I'm not sure either that's why I didn't answer the question. Based on limited info on the web it seems like it's possible it's true for regular, but it's not important. Obviously for rolling it's 100% earlier the better.

08/05/2020 at 10:18PM

It won't have a huge effect, especially not on REA EA and ED. Take your time to craft essays you're proud of, and filling out the common app carefully. Good luck!

08/05/2020 at 07:31PM

It can have a small impact but it's nothing too worry about. A school won't decide to reject or accept you simply based on when you submitted your application. They understand that some students won't receive their test scores until close to the application date, especially for this year.

@DebaterMAX08/05/2020 at 07:56PM

I agree it will not make or break it meeely has to do with space available.