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I am a junior in high school who is looking to become a more "well rounded" applicant... I have been involved in some minor things but what can I do before the application process begins later this year?

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2 years ago

I'll provide the best answer I can given the info you provided but some additional details would be helpful! What are the things you are doing now? What are you interested in studying when you go to college? Also knowing the schools (or some of them) that you are looking at could help.

Generally, colleges are usually going to assess extracurriculars by the level of involvement they require—how much time was committed, how much initiative did you need to take to get/stay involved, what level are you involved at, and what leadership or responsibilities did you end up with. So, hopefully some of the things you're involved in now can apply here. If not, I'd start looking for clubs, jobs, organizations, hobbies, etc. so you can show you were part of them for some time. If you can get a leadership position that's even better. Also, make sure you're not adding activities just for the sake of adding them. You want to add them with a purpose. You're more likely to do well and enjoy your activity if you have a genuine interest in it!

Some questions to ask yourself while considering what to do:

1. What am I interested in outside of school? (these could be things like movies, writing, sports, volunteering, animals, being a leader, etc...)

2. What am I interested in academically? (your favorite subjects, what you think you might want to study in college, etc...)

Hopefully this helps but feel free to ask me any follow-up questions if you have them!

2 years ago

There are several things you can do to look like a more well-rounded applicant! You can certainly start by developing a stronger extracurricular profile and break into more Tier A or B activities. These should be activities that you're interested in where you can stay involved/develop leadership roles down the line. If you can't find anything at school or in your community, you can always start your own club which is a really great way to show schools a diffrent side of you and your commitments outside of the classroom.

Good luck!


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