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Best colleges with job-integration program in place?

I'm looking at college as a way to get straight to going into the "real-world" right after undergrad (no masters, etc). Northeastern and their co-op program of essentially allowing undergrads to get real work experience while in college is great! I was wondering if there are any similar programs out there in other colleges? (not just basic internships that students must find themselves, but integrated programs into the curriculum)

@DebaterMAX2 years ago

So I can’t answer this question definitely but schools with a 4-1-4 schedule are great ones to look at (Just google it I can’t really explain it). Schools as a whole don’t support co ops it is very program/major dependent.

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I don't know of any similar programs, but I went to Northeastern and really liked the co-op program. Because of co-op, Northeastern is 5 years instead of 4 for undergrad and you get paid at your internships.

No matter where you go summer internships are usually encouraged, and your teachers have industry connections and great advice. Make sure you get to know them and make use of office hours. They sometimes share the best internships with their top students :)

A school in a city like Northeastern will make it easier to find local internships, but I went to New York one summer for mine.


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