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Can I add zooniverse program as research work in my college application

Zooniverse is program by NASA to help NASA astronomers to discover the planets, galaxies etc.

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4 years ago

So while I have no clue what it is it seems to be an internship or seminar or research.

I don’t know if it research as that seems to be your question. The best advice I have is catergorize it as anything on CommonApp as the description is the thing that really matters.

For research it should generally have some sort of higher education ties whether via professors or hosted by a school or it can be federally. There are a few private research that are mostly with organizations specifically medically based that also count.

If it was published in any sort of reputable science magizine absolutely count it as research.

From the limited info I know it seems to be more of a workshop/seminar instead of research but the activity classification doesn’t matter at all as I’d said previously.

Hope this helps please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to clarify!

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