4 years ago
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How to bolster college applications during Gap year? Should I re-do Essays for new applications?

What can I do to bolster my college applications after a gap year, I am currently a homeless student and amidst the pandemic I do not know what I can do to help my application. So far I plan to gain employment, practice creative arts ( playing ukulele, singing, writing poetry and painting). For college applications, should I re-write a new college essay or keep the one I already have? Is it ok to re-apply to some of the same colleges?

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@DebaterMAX4 years ago

So I can’t answer in its entirety but it is perfectly fine to reapply to schools. Also due to your situation you may be able to get a full ride at some school. Hope this helps and best of luck.

4 years ago

So just to clarify, you've already applied to college? Are you planning to reapply to schools you were rejected at? Also, I'm sorry to hear about your situation, and I hope you're able to find a more stable one during this crazy time!

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Bell4 years ago

Yes I have applied, I plan on re-applying to colleges I have been accepted, rejected and waitlisted as well as new colleges. Thanks unfortunately our family is struggling but so are many at this time. Hope ur staying safe

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4 years ago

You can re-apply to the same colleges, but they will likely ask you to indicate if you've applied before. In that case, especially if you were rejected the first time around, you should write a new essay and demonstrate growth over this past year. If it's not possible for you because of your circumstances, you can explain it in the school-specific additional information section, if they have one.

Otherwise, you can use the same essay for new schools, but if you didn't have much "luck" with it the first time around, that could be a sign that it needs improvement. If you can, ask a second or third set of eyes to evaluate the strength of the essay. You might even consider using our free peer essay review feature!

Hope this helps, and take care of yourself!

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