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Please help.

I've recently moved back to the USA. I left when I was in second grade and I repeated a year in the country I was moving to so I could learn the language so I should have finished school by now but now I have to be a senior in the upcoming school year as you've probably guessed I have never been to an American high school so I have no experience in any of the activities done in high school. I've already enrolled for a high school in my area and they sent me a course selection worksheet and I have no idea what those courses and subjects are and I have absolutely no idea what to select and no body else around me knows either. The only thing I'm sure of is that there's no way the math and science here is harder from what I learnt back there so I think I can ace the sat/act but I'm worried about everything else like how I'm going to write my essays and all those extracurricular activities that I have no experience in and collages want and etc...

so please give me your guidance, I really need it.

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So first of all in your CommonApp additional info section write how you moved back to the US. In regards to you repeating a year I can’t really help as I’m not knowledgeable there:

In regards to your classes assuming a semester based calendar the average state flagship will require 4 years English 3/4 years math 2 years foreign language (likely waived if you are fluent in another as you were abroad) 2/3 years social science and lastly 3/4 years of lab based science such as bio chemistry physics. So generally try to meet or better yet exceed these years.

(The numbers listed are an average and aren’t true everywhere)

In regards to extracurricular college are very understanding about how you do based on the opportunities available to you so specify that or you can even email the admissions department at your school of choice. (Google admission insert school email)

In regards to your essay your story abroad seems to be a great topic as it is very unique. Collegevine under the essay tab has lots of tips and it’s peer review is one of the better ones available. I’d recommend you write about the adjustment but make sure to provide personal insight and not just anecdotes.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help!

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