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SAT center cancelled in Fall 2020

My son's test center got cancelled again for the Fall 2020, and the next date he could find seats will be Oct date. However, he has been preparing the SAT since March when it was first cancelled. Last summer he took SAT and got 1420. We are not sure if he should submit that one, but he feels he could get 1500+ after all these months of preparing and he did score 1520 in his last practice test. But he does not want to keep preparing and find that it will be cancelled again, esp. school will start soon and he would like to focus on it(he is a senior).

Will it still be better to submit last year score since it is his first score and it is not too bad? Or should he still take the Oct test?

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In my opinion, he should consider taking the Oct test because if he doesn't, both of you might regret not knowing what could have been. I'm not sure if he is more concerned or you about his chances of getting into his top college picks but it's better to take the guessing out of the equation. I don't know what 1420 means because you didn't mention if he is applying to UMich or UPenn so it might not make that much of a difference if 1420 is within the 50% percentile range. Nevertheless, if he has already spent all this time preparing to get a 1500+ it would be disappointing to both of you not knowing what he could have scored in Oct. And there is a small risk the Oct dates will be canceled but at least you will have tried. Ultimately, both of you have to make that decision and live with it one way or the other. Good luck.

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