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Is 1220 (highest) good SAT score?

I am rising sophomore and majoring in art. I do A LOT OF extra curricular and tutors but since I'm international my SAT grades are low. I have a perfect GPA but my highest score was 1220(practice test) Do you think I can get above 1500 by end of summer before junior year? if so, what are some strategies? I am doing Jhan Academy, and I know all the test format but I don't know why my grades are so low.

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Having a goal of 300+ pts is a good thing but if getting into a top 20 college is your real goal, I'd be working on intellectual vitality, curating top ECs, internships, and work experience, self-care, top grades, recommendations and finding and sharpening your spike. Don't ask chancing questions, it gives off an unsavory vibe.

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Great prep tools

A 1220 is a good score at some but horrendous at others; It depends on where you want to attend.

Is it unrealistic to get a 1500 kinda. IMO you’d likely to get a low 1400. But it depends on your prep among other factors. Also look at superscoring as that may be an option you wish to pursue.

4 years ago[edited]

I think it is definitely possible to get a 300 point score improvement by then especially since you are only a sophomore! Considering you haven't learned all the math material in school yet your chances are pretty good if you keep working at it. I would continue to use Khan Academy and take their practice tests because the website is good at recommending practice in your weaker areas. I also recommend one of the Princeton Review books or watching their Youtube videos because they give really good strategies for taking the test; test taking strategies are half the battle when taking the SAT (next to the actual academic skills of course). I have improved my score by about 250 points so far this way since the beginning of my junior year and I am a rising senior. (I am taking my test at the end of August).

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