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Extracurricular activities


As an international student in Africa, what are the extracurricular activities I can participate in to improve my chances of getting into top tier schools?


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So everything is evaluated in context so if your school has no clubs you will not be docked for no school clubs. But ECs that are impressive are

- community based ones like a religious youth group or a environmental club

- a job

- online ECs such as blog/podcast/YT channel etc

-Major based ECs


Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!

Thank you. Yes, my high school isn't high on extracurricular activities. I'm applying as an undergraduate and I haven't had any work experience or a job. Also, since you mentioned major ECs, as a prospective computer science major, what sort of extracurriculars can I participate in?. I'm currently taking programming courses to give me an idea of my class courses.
If you have family connections you can help out with their social media/website. Any sort of computer based ECs are fine. Also it’s a bit on the cliche/common side but you can make a blog and talk about comp Sci or a podcast. Hope this helps.
Thank you
Your welcome!
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I read in the previous answer that you were interested in Computer Science. You can start a Computer Science club at your school or if your school already has one, try to be president. Compete in science fair competitions like the Google Science Fair (an example project could be like making a web app that uses deep learning to detect dyslexia among children - winning project last year). Start a non-profit to teach coding skills to underserved communities. Participate in hackathons. Get an internship at a tech company. Start a business making sites for local businesses. Obviously, some of these require more resources than others, but try to do whatever you can to demonstrate your interest in CS.

These are great if you are able but that’s not true for most people. The most feasible one is a club or helping businesses. I’m an Amatuer com Sci person (3rd choice major) and I wouldn’t be able to do the deep learning as that takes elite skills and honestly that person is more likely to get into 4+ ivies than most get into Penn State. (50%)