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Is a collage consltant needed?

I am an indian student want to get elite collages,is a collage consultant really needed? cuz i can't afford 8000$,and if you ever enroll in any collage admission consulting please share you experience:)

@CameronBamerona year ago

You should mention that you are not a typical 12th grade HS senior. If I recall you said you have been out of school 15 years or more, have graduated from a technical/vocational college, and have poor grades (like a 70/100 average) and test scores. And since 99.9% of the people on here neither have your background or the experience to guide you into an elite college, you really shouldn't be asking them these questions by baiting them with a different fish, nothing to do with your predicament.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Arka year ago

I don't know where you see that ,i think that's going toxic

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a year ago

No you definitely do not need a college consultant. It is a waste of money many times and you can find what you need through simple online searches and places like college vine.

a year ago

No, a college consultant is not needed. Tens of thousands of students get accepted to colleges around with world without using consultants. Plus, if they are not financially viable for you to use, you really should not use them. There is no guarantee that using a college consultant will get you the results you are hoping for, especially if you are considering elite schools like the Ivies.

There are plenty of resources you can find online, many free like CollegeVine, so I'd recommend checking those out and seeing what you can learn from those. If you run into concepts you don't understand or have questions about certain things you can always post here or on other forums to see if people can help you out with your situation.


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