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Does doing poorly during the pandemic greatly effect ones chances of getting accepted into a good school?

Hello! I was wondering, if my grades were not the best during the pandemic, (my freshman and sophomore year) do schools take that into consideration? Ever since getting back to in school learning, I have been getting better and better with my grades (term GPAs going from 2.7 to 3.58). How will that affect my chances of getting into a good school? For people like me who learn best in school and not on a computer, is there any way to wave that or consider that it wasn’t the best environment to learn in? Due to those years online, it really messed up my cumulative GPA and it does not reflect me as a student. If you do have an answer, please let me know!

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7 months ago

Most colleges will allow you to explain your GPA and courses taken during the application process. Common App offers a place to do this. Feel free to explain this in that area, they will take that into consideration.

8 months ago

I'm not an expert at all, just a kid who's applying next year. The college advisor at my school said that doing terrible during pandemic years is not great (obviously) but if you can show that your did better after, like with a sharp increase in your grades after COVID and you're doing well now, colleges could see that improvement and understand that you're a good student because you got better afterwards. If you kept doing bad after COVID that would be different, yk?

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While college can consider the long-lasting effects of the pandemic, it will lower your chances slightly. In the common college application, there is a section called "anything you want to let us know." This is where any extra information should be written, including bad grades. If you feel the need to, explain the pandemics affect on your grades in freshman and sophomore year. Your grades are improving so you chances are most likely fair. I hope this helps!!

8 months ago


Yes, doing poorly during the pandemic can significantly affect one's chances of getting accepted into a good school. However, many colleges and universities are taking the pandemic into consideration when reviewing applications. They understand that the pandemic was a difficult time for many students and that it may have affected their academic performance.

Here are some things you can do to explain your poor grades during the pandemic:

Write a letter of explanation: In your letter, explain the challenges you faced during the pandemic and how they affected your academic performance. Be sure to be specific and to provide examples.

Meet with your guidance counsellor: Your guidance counsellor can help you write your letter of explanation and can also provide you with other advice on how to improve your chances of getting into college.

Get good grades in your most recent classes: This shows colleges that you are capable of doing well in school and that you are rebounding from your poor grades during the pandemic.

Take challenging courses: This shows colleges that you are willing to challenge yourself academically.

Get involved in extracurricular activities: This shows colleges that you are well-rounded and that you have interests outside of the classroom.

Write a solid personal statement: Your personal statement is your chance to tell colleges about yourself and why you want to attend their school. Write a thoughtful and well-written personal statement that will make a positive impression on admissions officers.

It is important to remember that every college is different and that they will have different policies on how they consider grades during the pandemic. Some colleges may be more lenient than others. The best way to find out how a particular college will view your grades is to contact their admissions office.

I hope this helps!

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