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Advice on whether to submit SAT score

I'm planning to apply to "Information Systems" at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and my SAT score is 1520 (EBRW-770 and Math-750). Based on the latest common data set for CMU, SAT 25, 50 & 75% are 1500, 1540 & 1560 respectively. Fully understanding SAT score is just one data point in the holistic review and also realizing I'm asking a subjective question which depends on other factors of an individual student's profile, any advice on whether or not to submit my SAT score since it is in the lower end of mid 50 percent range? I'm also concerned about not submitting especially at a super competitive university like CMU, wondering whether it would put me at a disadvantage with an assumption my score might be below/way below 25%. If this additional info helps in providing the advice - I'm in top 7% of my class and have taken 8 AP tests so far (two 5s, four 4s and two 3s) and have decent extra curricular profile.


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Since you SAT score falls between 25-75 percentile, submitting it will be positive for your application. Please note, with test optional applicants are reporting only the high scores. So don't get intimidated if your score is on the lower side of the 25-75 percentile range. Please use your judegement.

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Heyy, first of all your SAT score is amazing so well done!! Generally speaking I don't think an SAT will be what is getting you into CMU or keeping you out of CMU. You are in their range so if you submit I don't think they would focus primarily on that, more on you extracurriculars, essays, class rigour etc. Your high test score and class rank both demonstrate that you are capable of handling the academics at CMU.

You could always try putting in your activities, test scores and GPA into a college vine profile and their AI will advise you on whether to apply with SAT or test optional. If you click the chancing break down then you will see whether you are more likely to get accepted as test optional or with your SAT score.

I doubt that CMU would assume your test score is too low to submit if you apply test optional due to the large amount of students that apply (and get accepted) yearly via test optional. Particularly as you are in the top 7% of your class and have otherwise demonstrated that you are academically strong.

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