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I feel like one of the things that the CollegeVine Calculator doesn't take into account is the restrictions of AP. Say my school has 15 AP classes and you can only take 1 in secondary 1, 2 and secondary 2, and 3 in secondary 3-4. Say I go to the limit every year except for my secondary 1 but our school offers 3HL IB diploma set.

Does that rise or lower my chances with the two factors? Lol ridiculous questions. 3.86gpa

Say I have Psyc and CSA this year at grade 10 and can get full A's and 5 and both courses.

Next year I will take ap language and comp and ap gov and ap us hist, I can get 4-5 on each of the three.

I'm aiming for something like a international affairs/ international law/ social science major at a school like NYU or Boston Uni/College or UCI/B/LA/SD. (Hopefully NYU) I have the following below:

PF regional debate comp prizes

Biking with tangible completion of camp certificate

MUN with one best delegate in WHO

Investment club with participation in wharton global youth investment comp with no prize

Basketball with regional prizes but not in the states (In Asia because I studied in international school)

NEHS member

NJHS treasurer

School Band club

100 hours Community Service certificate and a sixty hour one

(NHD but this year, not comp season yet)

What more comps should I go for?

Would I go for ED or RD for these schools? I feel like when I go on here, my safety schools are so bad. Should I stick with those classes in S3 or switch one and take AP calc?

Would self-learn and examing ap micro and macro be helpful if I could get a five on both of them? Or do universities not even care to look at them? What should I take Secondary 4?


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