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Extracurricular activities


Hi! I’m currently a Junior and I do not have any extracurricular activities on my list. The only things that I would consider a “extracurricular activity” is the fact that I am captain of my Track and Cross Country Team and (maybe) President of the Girl’s Build LA Club. I am interested in business and philanthropy (although I have not gone in-depth to study them, except for an intro college class in psychology and child development) and I was wondering if there are any competitions that I can sign up for or an idea for a business I can start-up in hard times like now that can really stand out in my college application?


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So any hobbies are ECs but track prez and Girls build LA is definitely ECs.

Also general ECs ideas include

Podcast/YT channel/blog

Shadow/internship at major related company/non profit

Regular job

Clubs as a whole (interest based not major for me as a stem intended major I’m in debate and love it)

Community based organizations like youth group or an environment club

I’m missing some but hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!

Also DECA is a good idea but any sort of major related activity will help. Also some schools don’t care for ECs at all as some require X GPA and Y Test score so know where you are applying.
Ohhh I see. However, I’ve been hearing from a lot of people that extracurricular activities are a must now (even in UC colleges). DECA sounds amazing, and thank you for the podcast suggestion! That sounds like fun!
Most schools require ECs and selective schools do but not all elite schools are selective. U Iowa I believe if I remember correctly is a top 100 school and they use a formula with your gpa sat/act and # of core classes. It is a great school. Then K St another great school (big 12) just requires X gpa and Y Sat/Act. But most selective schools require some ECs. Also other top schools that are holistic (meaning not using formulas) may not care about no EC if your academics are strong enough.
Oregon is a top 100 school and is holistic but has 90% ish admit rate if your GPA is a 4 and you get about the 75% percentile you may not need ECs. Also family responsibility and hobbies are ECs unless you just attend school then go home and do homework then sleep you have some ECs. As for ivies ECs alone will not get you in and it may be too late for you regarding ECs for ivies. You can likely be competitive at top state schools like UW Seattle UW Madison Penn St Maryland etc. Hope this helps.
Ohhhh wow I have never heard of these schools! I will definitely look into them. Also, you said that family responsibilities count as ECs right? I made a website and social media page for my uncle’s restaurant and I am currently managing it right now... does that count? Allllso, I already figured that I wouldn’t be able to make it to any ivies because I do not have any eye-catching ECs. Thank you so much.
Your uncles restaurant is definitely an EC. Also some schools are technically holistic but will not deny you based on ECs. North Dakota State is holistic but really only care if you get a C average about ECs so there are great schools that don’t rely on ECs for admissions. Glad ai can help! Thanks for accepting my answer!
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You should look at LaunchX. It's a summer entrepreneurship program hosted by MIT to help high school students start a real business. You'll learn from industry experts and work in a group of peer co-founders to build your company. You can also start a LaunchX club at your school to encourage entrepreneurship.

You should also check out DECA. It's a non-profit that encourages high school students into entrepreneurship and business through academic competitions and conferences. If your school already has the club, join it. If not, start it yourself.

Thank you!! I just looked into LaunchX and it is quite expensive :(. DECA sounds amazing though.. I might look more into that :)