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9 months ago
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I am applying to several schools in the UC and Cal State system but have no idea how to apply or where to apply for scholarships. Is there someone who can provide links and walk me through it in as much detail as possible?


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9 months ago

So they best scholarships are institutional ones and you get that when your admitted to the school. Others to look at are private ones in the community or an organizational one such as an NHS or a church scholarship.

If you desperately need scholarship some databases are scholarship and for some schools

Hope this helps!

As for filling it out just input the required background info and then typically write the essay and follow the submissions instructions listed.

9 months ago

In addition to the answer by @DEBATERMAX, when you fill out the UC app there is a scholarship page where you can check off boxes for scholarships that apply to you. Note that these are typically super obscure like, "Student from Yolo County interested in studying Environmental Science", but there are some more generalized scholarships like those for "second-generation Americans" or for "gay students". These scholarships ONLY USE the information that you submit on the UC application.

2 months ago

Both applications do have a section where you can fill out stuff that applies to you and you’ll be considered for scholarships like that. But sometimes that isn’t enough financial help so you can look for scholarships online aside from the ones universities provide. I use websites like scholarships. com, fast web, Unigo, and niche. You make an account and they usually match scholarships they fit your criteria. All you have to do is make the time and apply. Good luck !


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