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What if you are an international student who doesn't have AP or Honours classes in your country

If you are an international student who cant take honours classes or AP classes and schools in your country don't have a GPA grading system , what kind of information can you provide to prove academic rigor and that your academic grades are high ?

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4 years ago

So as for AP and IB and other rigorous courses everything is in context. If my school offers no Honors IB or AP courses and I take as many classes as possible I’d wouldn’t be docked for lack of AP becuase it’s available. So don’t worry about it.

As for your GPA assuming you’re school even grades you what ever scale they are using will translate to a GPA likely. You can likely google/look up insert scale to gpa translate.

Rule of thumb is 90%+ is an A. 80%+ is a B. 70%+ is a C. 60%+ is a D. 60% and below is an F.

It varies by school but this is a basic version.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!

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