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Fundraising/service activities for a high school Red Cross Club?

I am planning on starting a Red Cross Club at my high school this year. I do not exactly know what I want to do and I need help coming up with activities for fundraisers and service activities. Also, what would you suggest to do that would attract more people to join the club? Thanks! Anything helps :)

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Raffle, Some sort of goods to sell and Dues can work as a fundraising source. As for attracting new members advertise it as a basic medical training club?

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I think this article, http://redcrossyouth.org/college-resources/college/how-to-start-a-red-cross-club-2/, gives some good info on everything that goes into creating a Red Cross Club. They include links to an activities section and for "club in a box" which is a toolkit to help you get started making your own club.

As for other ways to get people involved, any presenters from the medical field would probably be a good idea. If you could somehow have a training session so people could get certified in CPR, first aid, etc. Advertise it for people who are interested in the medical field or in helping others. You don't need the club to have tons of people, especially in the first year, you just need 3-6 or so.


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