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What exactly is Structure Design, Art foundations,Graphic Design class in high school?

I was requested to have structure design,Art foundations and Graphic Design in order to be an architect but what really would i be doing in those classes?


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My relative is an architect so I ask on your behalf. An understanding of structural design (engineering), art foundations and graphics is useful but not required to apply to architecture school because you will be required to take 2 to 3 years of Structural Engineering in a 5-year program, 2 years of art or architectural history to support your foundations and you spend all 5 years drawing so even if you are an average renderer you will get better. Prior to CAD design, everything was hand-rendered in Architectural school, not anymore. You can be an excellent architect without the innate ability to draw a perspective by hand or have good penmanship. Most arch.schools require a portfolio so make sure you have a strong art portfolio prior to applying. If that is what you really want to do, buy some books and read them over the summer or this fall prior to applying. It's a professional degree so most take 5-6 years of schooling and then you have to intern for 3 years prior to qualifying to take the NCARB licensing exam. So it will take 8-9 years to become an architect at a minimum. 10 years prior to getting your license is not uncommon.

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Structure design while I’m not certain I’m fairly sure it is a math based class that deals with how to build buildings so they don’t fall over. It’s math based

Art foundations is a fairly basic art class likely dealing with sketching a semi useful skill for architects

Graphic design is in 2 words computer art. This would be instead of painting on canvas you’d be using computer software to make art. Logos posters etc are graphic design but for architecture will deal with showing your computer software skills and at the same time show how to make online graphs/diagrams. Essentially it’s CAD with out being CAD.

Hope this helps I’m fairly sure my answers are correct as I’m looking at a design major that isn’t architecture but I’ve heard a lot about it.

Good luck!

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