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How would having an associate's degree affect my chances?

I have been wondering for a while on how holding an associate's degree would affect my chances to going to a proper 4-year college. I do know that it shows that you are able to deal with the course load of a degree, but is there any other details for how that works?


Also, to address why my handle is as Jspeedy2, it's not for any sorts of karma manipulation. It turns out that the email to my original account (Jspeedy) was hacked and deleted some time last week, so that means that I had to create a new account since you can't really log into a website with a dead account.

Either way, I am glad to have posting access here again.

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8 months ago

Hi! So I am a senior now, doing early college and finishing an associate's at CC before transferring to a public university. I live in NJ and there is a statewide transfer agreement between every CC and four year in the state that all four years will accept all associate's degrees from every CC, and the student can join the four year as a junior with 60 credits towards a bachelors. It's a pretty fair deal, considering the costs of CC being a lot more manageable, and having every credit transfer. One thing you can do is use a transfer website (NJ has njtransfer.com) and find course equivalencies of any CC classes you're taking, just in case your intended major at the four year has any special prerequisites.

In terms of applications, you just apply as a transfer student. I don't think your high school transcript or SAT scores are required if you have more than 12 credits. Scholarships and other technical stuff should be the same as a first- year student. As for admissions, I think having great grades on an associate's degree transcript shows a university that you are motivated and a good student. Doing this can also help make up for a hard high school background- the four year probably won't require high school grades so getting an associate's before applying somewhere more prestigious is a great way to make up for it.

Hope this helps and good luck!

🎤8 months ago

Thank you, I'll be sure to look into this since I do think that the community college in my town has credit transer programs. I'm actually probably going to talk about this with an advisor there, sine i scheduled an appoinment there for later this week.


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