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I have a GED and an Associate’s degree and haven’t taken the SAT/ACT, can I still use this website,

I’m technically a sophomore in college and am 29 years old, so I want to earn a combined BS/MD so I can start working in my field of study ASAP. Many of the sites like these are catered to high school students or recent grads. However, I’m sure that there’s many people like me out here who had to work right after high school and are finally ready to pursue higher education or change career fields etc.

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So this website is heavily geared towards undergrad admissions and to a very lesser extent other stuff. I previously answered a question about dual and double major for someone in college so you can likely get info about stuff during college but it’s like asking a New Yorker about philly. They might have some info but will not be in depth. The blogs at blog.collegevine.com are your best bet for information not the Q&A tab. Also transfer and graduate school is not CV’s forte and your better off trying to find another site IMO.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!

PS: The chancing calculator is only for undergrad not transfers or graduate school.


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