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On applications (common, apply texas, my coalition) should you put activities, honors by date or by importance or type?

As I enter my activities, honors, awards, should I enter by date or by importance. If by date, most recent first? If by importance, Should I keep all national organizations together, then state, then local or is it okay to have divided up if I think one ranks more important than another?

Thank you.

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4 years ago

I would suggest a mix of type and importance. I will run through 3 hypotheticals as it is easier to explain through examples.

Firstly, if you have a spike in the field you are majoring in, you should list activities related to your major that you achieved highly in first. For instance, if you want to major in biochemistry and have won the National Chemistry Olympiad, or you are an engineer who won an award from CalTrans, that should be listed at the top, while less related activities like orchestra should be listed further down.

However, if you have a spike (huge achievement) in a field separate from what you are majoring in, put that award near or at the top, along with activities related to your major field. For example, if you are an engineering major who is at the state level for violin, put that state-level violin achievement near the top, but also keep related activities (for example if you are part of Science Olympiad) at the top as well.

If you have no major achievements, I'd suggest listing by type, and putting those things that relate to your future plans at the top, and things that don't near the bottom. For example if you want to major in biology, you should list activities like HOSA near the top, and activities like orchestra further down.

Hope this helps!

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