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Catholic colleges accepting Catholic high school students

I am not sure if this can be answered or not, but I'm hoping for any insight. Do Catholic affiliated colleges have higher acceptance rates for students that attend a Catholic high school? Is there any benefit acceptance wise for these students. I am curious overall, but I also ask because I have an almost 80% chance at a Catholic college that I am interested in (providence college) and a 60% chance at a state school (Penn state). The acceptance rate for PC is usually not that high for general admissions. Where Penn State seems to be similar for myself and the general public. I'm wondering if this is because I attend a Catholic high school? Just trying to understand all of that!


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In general, a Catholic college will take your being Catholic into consideration. It's very important to be Catholic at schools like Boston College, the University of Notre Dame, and Holy Cross, and less important at Georgetown, LMU, and Villanova.

Also, keep in mind that applying to Catholic colleges is often self-selecting because incoming students who are Catholic know that they will have support and community at these schools which they are looking forward to. This will include but not be limited to continuing their personal worship, meeting new friends, dating students of the same faith, joining sororities and fraternities with other Catholics, and joining social clubs and other venues.

While some colleges state up front that religious affiliation doesn't matter, from a symbiotic fitment, it does matter if the institutional priorities align with the student's priorities.

Also, keep in mind that historically, Catholic high schools are feeder schools into Catholic Colleges and Universities so it makes total sense that you would have higher acceptance rates if you apply to a bunch of Catholic colleges.

Just like Top Private Boarding Schools are feeder schools into the Ivy League for instance. So the chances of a Choate or Andover student getting into Yale or Harvard might be 10-20 times greater than a public school applicant because of generational wealth factoring into the admissions process in terms of legacy status or being a recruited athlete for some obscure non-mainstream sport like fencing, sailing or rowing.

Hope this makes sense to you.

10 months ago

I checked PC's Common Data Set for the last admissions cycle (22-23), and it says that religious affiliation wasn't considered. So I would say that it's not for that reason, but some other reason.

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