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Should I submit my Music Supplement?

I have been playing piano for 12 years, but stopped taking lessons about a year ago. I want to submit a music portfolio to college, but there are many articles citing the "dangers" of submitting a bad portfolio. I know that music professors will be reviewing my work. The songs I am playing are Libestraum-Lizst, Fantasie Impromptu-Chopin, and Prelude&Fugue in C Minor-Bach. I am not planning to major in the Arts; I want to be a STEM major, and I am applying to Ivy leagues. How do I know if my playing is worth submitting; will it hurt my application, if so how badly?

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I’m not at all qualified to say this but as a STEM major music doesn’t really have a place in an application IMO

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My “hook” for college is music and how it relates to stem.

@DebaterMAXa year ago

Eh possibly but I’d regulate it to the foppish part of your ECs list likely 2nd and have a stem based EC as 1st. Again this is my opinion but good luck

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