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I am currently a junior in high school, and I feel that I'm very late in turning my attention towards college admissions. Throughout the years, I have only focused on school grades, which I have been able to maintain at a high level. The thing that worries me is that I am now realizing that I am very behind on extracurriculars. I have interests in biomedical research and research in general, but I really don't know how I could pursue an extracurricular related to this that I could really develop to be significant on a college application within the remaining amount of time I have left. I regret being so hyper-focused on grades and blind to everything else, and I just think I need to hear some suggestions on what steps I should be taking as of now if I still want a chance to be accepted at a high-ranking university.

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@Samina3 months ago

Hey! Omg I’m in the EXACT same position you’re in. I’m also a junior and I just realized how important extracurricular activities are since I was so fixed on just getting good grade. I just wanted to let u know ur not alone and honestly reading your comment made me feel a bit less overwhelmed. I hope mine does the same for you. I hope we are able to fix this 😭

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3 months ago

Hi! As far as research goes, I'd check out "How I Did Research in Highschool: Internships & Independently" by Preaching P. I'm not sure how much it'd help, but maybe try to get involved with your student council, try shadowing, athletics, or find something else that you enjoy doing as an extra curricular and get to a leadership position within that, in the biomedical field or not. Also, check out the Common Data Set of a college (only in America) to see what is important to them.... I hope this helps!

3 months ago

Apply to online internships/research positions , join clubs and get a leadership position, do a passion project like creating a game or whatever you are passionate about.

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