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Is member of honor council beneficial?

I'm already part of NHS, National Art Honor Society, and an officer of Art honor society (historian), cheer manager(made a position for the first time in my school), and student government(art commissioner). Do you think at this point, being a member of honor council is beneficial?


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a year ago

First of all, what year are you in? Colleges will like it when you stick to a few activities throughout high school rather than a laundry list of activities. Second, if you are taking a rigorous course load, you may not have time to balance all these things. Remember that GPA and ACT are extremely important, and maintaining these are better than random extracurriculars. Also, is being a member of honors council a prestigious position?

What is the level of selectivity and what are your responsibilities? Just being a member isn’t really worth it while taking a special position or making a permanent impact on the school will be looked favorable upon.

Good luck!


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