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How does this app work? Can it work on behave of me? For example, writing am essay from the title I may give.

I have just completed my high school. I have pass excellently. I'm looking forward to applying to one of the best ivy league universities in usa. I'm seeking for support in essay writing guide because those universities have a unique a way of selecting the applicants which I don't understand since I have no experience in writing to such mighty institutions. It also my first time to desire to write to a higher level of institution(university) so this has troubled me a lot since I don't know what admission committee mostly require.

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If you go to the three lines in the corner and click on "Essay prompts," you can look up the prompts you want to do and there's a link for tips. I suggest writing a first draft, then posting it here/sharing it with a friend to get some tips.

(By posting it here, I mean submitting it to peer essay review. It's a fairly simple process where you select the prompt, type in what you need help with, and copy and paste the essay in the big box at the bottom. You need at least 20 karma for that, but you can get results faster for 10 extra karma)

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