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Hello ! I am a freshmen in high school and i want to prepare for ivy league colleges. Any tips or advices?

So its my first year of high school and i have always dreamt of getting into ivy league. Not only its just a dream of mine but i am very dedicated to work hard and make it a reality. I am just very confused about where to start. I am very concerned about my extracirrculars especially in the pandamic. I have very limited options about my extracirrculars as for now. I would really really appreciate it if you give me any advice or tips about what i should do. How i should study and your view about extracirrculars.THANK YOUU !!! ♡

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So great job on getting started early a very catch all list for new high schoolers is

A: Have good grades a bad one can axe your chances

B: Have as much rigor as possible and you seem to be doing well in that regard. Try taking AP classes that are major related. Personally I’ll take an engineering class that isn’t AP but it is major related make sure to do it if available as you can see if you’d like that major. Rigor includes IB AP Honors.

C: Have meaningful ECs

Join apprx 2-5 ECs freshman year and if you don’t like one you can drop it. A lot of the most impactful ECs are at the age of 16.

D. Awards are overestimated unless it’s very competitive. ECs are king

E: Have a plan to balance coursework and personal activities. Mental health is important.

F: Do not neglect SAT/ACT prep start doing free review sophomore year and if at all possible take the PSAT.

G: Make sure to meet graduation requirements and not just take interesting classes and if different than high school requirements make sure to meet college admission requirements. In my state 3 years of math is required for graduation but my dream school requires 4 years. Also take a full course load that will help you latter down the line. If you want to go into economics take AP microeconomics over a music class as an example

Side note reach out to schools late sophomore year and y’all with admissions and or visit campuses you are interested to get a feel of student life and campus vibe.

Also great job at being invested in college early few do so. But make sure to apply yourself to school and not overestimate your grades. I unfortunately did so and had to pull them up last minute.

For ivies you should have 9ish ECs with leadership in 3-5. Have it be impactful so don’t be part of history but not DECA if you are a business major. Quantify it/ note achievements. Have it be meaningful not just 30 min meetings once a month.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!

PS: I answered a similiar question like a month ago and I saved it as it would be applicable to most circumstances so if something is unclear comment and I’d be happy to clarify for you.

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First things first, make sure your grades are high and you take challenging courses. But since your question is mainly about extracurriculars, I'll give you my thoughts on that. Freshman year is the year to try as many activities as you wish; just start to figure out what really interests you. Everyone's situation is different right now because of the pandemic, but I would suggest that you look into online activities if you are able to. Popular activities include starting a blog, online tutoring, and stuff like that. I've also heard about many academic competitions being moved online. (The Harvard-MIT Math Tournament is an example if you're into math.) It doesn't matter what you do as long as you like it and you make an impact. If you can get national-level recognition, that's even better.

Now I must make a statement that the Ivy League isn't everything, but it doesn't hurt to dream. If you want more in-depth advice, I would suggest reading Cal Newport's How to Be a High School Superstar book. I only discovered it recently and I've noticed that a lot of the advice is geared towards freshmen because they have the most time to explore their interests. Good luck and I hope this helps!


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