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I am not sure if I should do a Political science major for Pre-Law and if I should do a double major or minor with that!

I am planning on becoming a lawyer and I heard political science is a good major to help with my LSAT but I also heard that there aren't many job prospects with a political science major outside of law. I really love to debate and use my critical thinking skills which is why I think Political Science would be a good major for me. I was wondering if there were any thoughts on if another major would be better in terms of getting employment as well as being succesful on my LSAT? I also wonder if I should double major, or maybe major/minor, and how much extra that would cost me in college. I feel like I have the ability to handle the coursework but I am not sure if I should take on two majors at once. Please help!!

Here are some of my "stats" to help with anyone who answers!!

I have a 3.854 unweighted GPA, and I have taken 2 honors classes, will have taken 5 AP's by the end of senior year as well as 5 dual credit classes by then end of senior year. The rest of my classes throughout high school have been advanced. I am on the mock trial team and planning on going to school in Oregon/Washington State.


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Hi, again. I'm aiming to be an Atty as well so I have mulled many of the same questions as you. After speaking to many attorneys their advice is not to worry about what your undergraduate degree is in because a.) no major is really going to prepare you for a standardized test like the LSAT. Actually like the SAT, you just need to grind it out and get a really good set of study guides like the 6 volume Powerscore. I recently watched a youtube where the young lady had a 155 and raised it to a 173 which is the average LSAT for Harvard Law (using those books). The more practice tests you take and the more time and effort you put into the LSATs will ensure a top score) b.) there is no real Pre-Law degree anyway and each Top Law School has its own teaching methods to turn you into someone that they want to send out in the world to pass the "BAR". Although ironically, some people have said that Engineers, Music majors, and Philosophy majors make great law school students versus, Journalism, English, and Pre-Law majors who think they know more than they do.

Therefore I would consider branching out and taking a lot of different humanities classes and enjoy your 4 years of undergraduate work. A robust Liberal Arts Curriculum should be plenty of prep work to prepare you for Law School. On my college applications, I wrote in Political Science, Govt. Classics, Communications, History, etc because I don't think there is a particular major that will prep you best. Seriously you can be an architect, STEM major or business major and still apply to Law School and succeed if you change your mind.

With regards to your HS classes, if you school offers AP GOV, AP Psychology, AP US History, or AP English (Lit or Lang), I would take those because you have to get used to reading a lot and understanding critical thinking, how people think, and history. Have a good rest of the summer.

And props on your 3.85 unweighted GPA, that's plenty good to get you into U of O Clark Honors, Reed, Lewis & Clark and U Dub.

Link to girl who got 173 with Powerscore (yes she's annoying)


Link to 5 tips for prepping for LawSchool as an undergrad



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