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How will a lack of community service hours and colleges being test optional affect my applications?

I'm currently a rising senior and COVID-19 messed up my plans to take the SAT earlier this year and to get involved with community service over the summer.

I've played soccer on a league since I was little and on my school's varsity team consistently throughout highschool. I also played on my school's varsity field hockey team this past school year. I would have became involved with field hockey sooner but I recently transferred schools from overseas and it wasn't a sport at my previous school. I'm wondering if my lack of community service would put me at a disadvantage or if I'm on track with my extracurriculars after remaining consistent with sports throughout my highschool career.

For SAT I'm wondering how it would affect my applications if I didn't report a score since a lot of school's are test optional. I know that would add extra emphasis to other aspects of my application which I'm thinking could work in my favor if I don't get my desired score before application deadlines. I'm strong in other areas of my application including GPA (mine is 4.21). After living in Japan for 3 years I'm thiking that would also add something to my application beyond test scores. Is it better to report a below average score for schools I'm applying to or no score for test optional schools?

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Please break it up into neater paragraphs next time.

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would it help if I asked seperate questions for my different concerns?

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Yes but also you can just label q1 q2 etc

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So community service is vastly overrated and it should really only be a main part of your application if you are interested in medicine and you volunteer at a hospital nursing home or other medical place. For almost all others internships/jobs are better and more impressive.

But community service is essentially evaluated on what you accomplish not the time spent. If you manage to overhaul a companies social media and website and you are intending to be a computer science major that is very impressive. But if you just go door to door for something that isn’t as impressive.

Also for ivies your ECs might be lackluster but community service will likely not help that but for sports if you intend to be recruited make sure to register with the NCAA. This video is super helpful.


And for test optional Is just say watch this video:


Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!

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This is a chance me question which isn't allowed in the q&a. Please use the college vine chancing profile for this.


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