9 months ago
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3 AP exams in 3 days????

So I just looked up the AP exam schedule for this school year, and apparently the 3 AP classes I'm taking (Lit, Psych, Stat) have their exams back to back (one on the 7th, one on the 8th, one on the 9th). I want to take all three exams because I feel fairly confident in how I will do on the exams. What should I do to score good on all 3? Thank you!


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9 months ago

First of all, you got this! During junior year, I had three AP exams (comp sci/hug/apush) back to back and I got 5s on all of them.

- GET PLENTY OF SLEEP!!! Although it can be hard to find time to sleep with multiple AP exams, I made myself go to bed at 10 pm so I got at least eight hours of sleep before getting up at 6 am to prepare. It's important to get enough sleep the night before so you don't fall asleep during your exam (like I did on hug lol). I also recommend getting up early so you have plenty of time to spare if something does go wrong i.e. car doesn't start or dog pukes on your carpet.

- TRY TO EAT SOMETHING RELATIVELY HEALTHY - Although you might be too nervous to eat, try to force down some oatmeal or a granola bar. I also had a SMALL cup of hot black tea (coffee gives me cramps) so I wouldn't waste valuable exam time in the bathroom.

- I don't recommend cramming because it makes me feel overwhelmed. Make a study schedule now for exams and only do a quick 30 minute review the night before so you can decompress.

Good luck and may the College Board gods be ever in your favor.

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