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I just completed my first day of school and I have one course that is already kind of worrying me. My IB History of Americas course already has a 2200 word IA paper due. To be honest the work is fine but it is on a historical topic of our choice and I have no idea what to expect as far as grading and writing for this IA. Can anyone give some tips?


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2 years ago

To be honest, this CV Q & A is for high school students who are asking questions about colleges and the college admissions process, not high school coursework on a day to day basis like your questions which has to do with asking for help on a HS IB History class. You should be looking for an IB Q & A on the internet and I'm certain there are such forums, it's just not this one. GOOD LUCK and feel free to ask anyone here a question about applying to colleges or how to improve your application profile to get into the college of your choice. Regards.


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