9 months ago
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Post graduate year? What to do to boost my chances after High School?

Hey :)

I'm a German student who will graduated High School this summer and now has another year due to a special dual enrollment programm.

After that I want to increase my chances of being admitted to an Ivy school. I would love to volunteer abroad or in politics or work in internships at big companies or prestigous universities, yet I was told that this is not a good way to increase my chances.

I heard about a post graduate year at boarding schools, however I AM NOT AN ATHLET and also don't really have the financial background to spend tens of thousends of dollars on a PG.

Are there any other possibilities to increase my chances?

Im part of an exclusive network for gifted students offering Academies and summer camps, would this be something to consider?

Thank you for your time and service :)


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9 months ago

I believe anything like volunteer work or internships will undoubtedly increase your chances of getting into better schools :) Not only that, but because you are a german student which means most likely a first generation student, you will stand out from others as well. The schools will understand your difficulties adjusting to a Americans here and take that into account when admitting you. However, if you do everything in your power to get into ivy league schools and still fail, do not worry. There are numerous good schools of equal prestigiousness like UC's, Cal States, and schools with low acceptance rates around the nation: around 20% to 30%. I live in California and I don't even think I can even get into prestigious UC's let alone go to ivy leagues :( You are definitely doing better than me, so keep it up :) Good luck to you because I know you will succeed.

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