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08/14/2020 at 10:35AM
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AP tests

if my school does not offer ap classes then??


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08/14/2020 at 06:11PM

Try to take the highest level of classes that you are comfortable with. If there is a topic you are genuinely interested in and believe you will be motivated to learn about on your own, talk to your school about being able to do an independent study. Colleges will be able to see that your school did not offer AP classes, and if you go our of your way to learn things on your own, it will show initiative!

08/14/2020 at 12:19PM

So for admissions you will not be punished for lack of AP if it is not offered. The counselor will send a “flyer” that essentially says what the school offers.

You might be able to take AP tests if another school offers it nearby. If your school district has multiple schools you can email someone at another district school and ask. Or if you live in an area with multiple school districts you can look into if you can just take the test there. Email is the best method of communication.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!


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