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Could you please give me a different model to grade my self with as an international student?

I am an international student, and I did not take any AP or honours classes because they were not offered at my school. this is negatively affecting my chances of getting accepted into universities on the college board website. Could you please give me a different model to grade my self with as an international student?

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9 months ago

Unfortunately, having lower course rigor due to a lack of course availability is a serious problem for all International students.

The challenge for admissions officers is that they are evaluating you alongside tens of thousands of other international students, some of whom have creatively found alternative methods for showing evidence of course rigor and intellectual vitality.

Therefore, if a subset of applicants have self-studied for AP exams and earned 4s and 5s on them, it's hard to fault them for being extremely proactive in augmenting their HS curriculum with a regiment of self-learning. More affluent and wealthier applicants have no doubt found ways to take online AP courses or enroll in private schools that offer such coursework.

As I have often commented on this problem in the past, I suggest you consider the possibility of taking a "GAP" year and focusing on improving your course rigor by signing up for AP classes/tests, improving SAT/ACT test scores and curating various impactful ECs that would help you differentiate yourself against other smart students applying from your country.

The alternative is to lower your sights and consider either colleges in your country or countries that have standards that you can effectively compete against.

Good luck.

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